SCCM 2309 Upgrade, Hotfix and New Features

Microsoft released the SCCM current branch 2309 update on October 10, 2023. This article provides a quick overview of the SCCM 2309 upgrade procedure, as well as the hotfixes made available for version 2309 and the new features and enhancements.

Please note that as of October 10, 2023, the 2309 version of SCCM is available as an opt-in Fast Ring (early update ring) for SCCM environments. Although it is a production-ready release, you can either perform SCCM 2309 upgrade it by running the opt-in script or wait for it to become available to everyone.

Many new features and enhancements have been added to Configuration Manager 2309, and if you are running SCCM 2203 or later in your setup, you can directly upgrade to version 2309.

The Configuration Manager 2309 current branch update is accessible as an in-console update for all customers. This means the update can be installed from the console on sites that are running ConfigMgr version 2203 or later.

Configuration Manager 2309 is a Baseline version

Configuration Manager version 2309 is a baseline version, thanks to Microsoft. You can use this baseline media to install a new SCCM site in production. Once the update is made available to everyone, the baseline media for version 2309 will be available for download via MSDN and VLSC.

After the Configuration Manager 2309 site upgrade, you must update clients to the most recent version. To update the clients to the most recent version, use the automatic client upgrade feature. The new features will work only after you update the clients to the latest release.

New Features of SCCM 2309

SCCM version 2309 includes the following new features:

  • You can schedule scripts Execution time
  • In SCCM 2309, you can get external service notification run details from Azure Logic application
  • On Primary site servers, you’ll find new Delete Aged Task Execution Status messages
  • Create new Maintenance window using PowerShell cmdlet
  • Update Orchestrator service for Windows 11 22H2 or later with native reboot experience
  • OSD preferred MP option for PXE boot scenario
  • Enable Bitlocker through Provision TS
  • Upgrade your Windows 11 Edition using policy settings
  • Windows 11 upgrade readiness dashboard is now a new feature added to this release
  • CMG creation using third-party app using console and PowerShell

Download SCCM 2309 opt-in PowerShell Script

If you want to get the update 2309 in your console, you must download the version 2309 opt-in script on the SCCM server. You don’t have to run this script once the update 2309 becomes generally available.

After you download the 2309 opt-in PS script, extract the contents to a folder, and you will find a PowerShell script named enableearlyupdatering2309.ps1. Run this script on your site server and the SCCM 2309 update starts to download.

Configuration Manager 2309 Upgrade Resources

I am going to list some important upgrade resources that should help you upgrade to Configuration Manager 2309:

  1. Step-by-Step SCCM 2309 upgrade guide
  2. Checklist for installing update 2309 for Configuration Manager
  3. What’s new in version 2309 of Configuration Manager current branch

SCCM 2309 Upgrade and Version Details

To upgrade to version 2309, I recommend using the following 2309 upgrade guide. Since there are some new prerequisite checks, make sure you run the prerequisite checks before installing the update. Any warnings or errors should be fixed before you install the update.

After you upgrade to SCCM 2309, you can verify the following details to confirm a successful upgrade:

  • Microsoft Configuration Manager: Version 2309
  • Console Version: 5.2309.1109.1300
  • Site Version: 5.00.9117.1000
  • Client version: 5.00.9117.1002
SCCM 2309 Upgrade Details
SCCM 2309 Upgrade Details

Note: Console version and client version changes once the hotfixes are released for version 2309 in the upcoming months. Again, not all hotfixes include the updates for client agents but most of them do.

List of SCCM 2309 Hotfixes

ConfigMgr Product team hasn’t released any hotfixes for SCCM 2309 yet. However, looking at the history, Microsoft releases hotfixes for issues that are reported in version 2309. I will be updating this post once any new hotfixes are released for version 2309. Until then, perform the SCCM 2309 upgrade and enjoy it’s latest features.

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