Quickly Find SCCM Task Sequence Size

Learn how to find SCCM task sequence size with this easy guide. You can check the size of the ConfigMgr task sequence from the console itself, and you don’t need any PowerShell scripts.

When you have multiple task sequences in ConfigMgr, you may need to find out which task sequence has the most steps. Large task sequences take time to execute, and hence it is important to know the size of the TS.

Starting with Configuration Manager 2010, a new feature was added that allows administrators to find the size of the SCCM task sequence. Before this feature was introduced, administrators had to use a PS script to determine the size of task sequences. There is no longer a need for a PowerShell script to calculate the size of the task sequence.

How to Find SCCM Task Sequence Size

You can use the following steps to determine the size of task sequences in SCCM:

  • Launch the Configuration Manager console.
  • Navigate to Software Library\Overview\Operating Systems\Task Sequences.
  • Here, the Size (KB) column shows the size of the task sequence.

In the screenshot below, the total size of the task sequence is 14 KB. In your case, the task sequence size may vary.

How to Find SCCM Task Sequence Size
How to Find SCCM Task Sequence Size

In some cases, the console doesn’t display the size (KB) column upon selecting the task sequences. To add the Size (KB) column, right-click on a column detail name and select the Size (KB) column.


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