How to Uninstall SCCM Management Point – Video Tutorial

This post covers the steps to remove or uninstall SCCM management point. I have published a video tutorial that covers the steps to uninstall the SCCM Management point. The video tutorial should guide you to easily uninstall the management point role.

A management point in Configuration Manager is a essentially site system role which provides policy and service location information for clients and it also receives configuration data from clients. This is a very important role and therefore you must always ensure the management point role is working correctly.

The SCCM client agents can get the list of Management points either through DNS or WINS. The client agents search or look for Management Point in the order specified below.

  • Management point
  • Active Directory Domain Services
  • DNS
  • WINS

At times you might want to repair the management point role which involves uninstalling the role first and then reinstalling it. There are two ways to uninstall Configuration Manager Management point role. One is by using the console and other method is by using the PowerShell cmdlet.

Uninstall SCCM Management Point using PowerShell

The Remove-CMManagementPoint cmdlet removes a management point role from the setup. All you need to do is specify the site server name and the site code.

Remove-CMManagementPoint -SiteSystemServerName "corpsccm.prajwal.local" -SiteCode "IND"

You can also use other parameters along with above ones to uninstall the role such as :-

  • -Confirm
  • -Whatif
  • -Force
  • -InputObject
  • -DisableWildCardHandling
  • -ForceWildcardHandling

Uninstall SCCM Management Point using Console

Use the following steps to uninstall SCCM management point:

  • Launch SCCM console. Click Administration.
  • Navigate to Overview > Site ConfigurationServers and Site System Roles.
  • Select the Server. In the bottom pane, under Site System Roles, look for Management Point.
  • Right-click Management Point and click Remove Role.
Uninstall SCCM Management Point using Console
Uninstall SCCM Management Point using Console

As soon as you click Remove Role, you will find a warning box.

This is the last management point for this site. Before you remove it, consider the following.

  • Clients assigned to a primary site that do not have at least one management point will be unmanaged.
  • Client located at secondary site without management point will communicate with MP from their assigned site.

Are you sure you want to remove this management point. Click Yes. And that’s how you remove the MP role from SCCM.

Uninstall SCCM Management Point using Console
Uninstall SCCM Management Point using Console
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