How to Create System Management Container for SCCM

If you are looking to manually create the system management container for SCCM, this post will help you. Creating a management container is one of the prerequisite before you install SCCM.

Most of all remember that you must create management container one time in each domain that has a primary or secondary site. If you see the management container in active directory, then do not create it again.

What is System Management Container ?. This is a folder below the “System” folder in Active Directory used by the site server and the management points to store published data like boundaries and certificates.

Do we actually need the system management container for SCCM ?. The answer is yes. This is because in order to publish data to Active Directory, this container must be created. Typically after you extend the schema, you create the container using ADSI Edit tool.

Create System Management Container for SCCM

Here are the steps to create System Management container :-

  • Login to domain controller with a domain admin account.
  • Launch ADSI Edit via Server Manager > Tools.
  • Right click ADSI Edit and Click Connect to.
  • The naming context should be Default naming context. Click OK.

launch ADSI Edit

In the ADSI edit Console, Expand the Default Naming Context. Right click CN=System and click New and then click Object.

launch ADSI Edit

You should now see Create Object window. Select a class which is a container in this case. Click Next.

Create System Management Container for SCCM

Provide a value, type System Management and click Next.

Create System Management Container for SCCM

Click Finish to complete the creation of this object. Under System folder you should see a sub folder named System Management now. Close the ADSI edit window.


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