How to Disable Bitdefender Notifications

If you have installed Bitdefender antivirus on your computer, I will show you how to turn off or disable Bitdefender notifications with easy steps.

I have been using Bitdefender Total Security since many years and I have found it very good compared to other antivirus softwares.

One of the most important criteria while buying any antivirus software is the performance of the software. A lot of users complain about system performance after installing antivirus.

From my experience the Bitdefender total security software is well optimized and doesn’t slow down your PC at all. Bitdefender doesn’t slow down your computer unlike other softwares and I pretty much love all the features that it offers.

Recently, I observed a lot of notifications triggered by Bitdefender AV and I was looking to disable them. These notifications appear whenever I launched applications such as Microsoft office programs, browsers etc.

Bitdefender Notifications
Bitdefender Notifications

This extremely annoying popups started showing up a few days ago, apparently after some update. This was really distracting me from my work. It’s popping up every few minutes, or every few seconds in some cases.

In addition, I also noticed the Bitdefender special offers notifications which were irrelevant because I have purchased the license for 3 years.

I have also noticed many users complaining about the work profile pop up appearing on the computers. The solution to fix the work profile notifications is go to Settings > Profiles >uncheck the option “Activate profiles automatically“.

How to Disable Bitdefender Notifications

You can disable the Bitdefender notifications using the following steps:

  • Launch the Bitdefender antivirus or Total security tool.
  • Select Settings and click General tab.
  • Turn off the Special Offers and Recommended Notifications.
How to Disable Bitdefender Notifications
How to Disable Bitdefender Notifications

By default, when you install the Bitdefender antivirus, the below two options are enabled or turned on by default.

  1. Special Offers – This displays in-product notifications with special offers customized for users
  2. Recommended notifications – Displays on-screen recommendations about security features for users.

After you disable the above two options, all the Bitdefender notifications are disabled. With a lot of users reporting this bug, I hope the Bitdefender team will fix it in the upcoming update.

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