How to Configure SCCM Pull Distribution Point

In this post you will learn how to configure SCCM pull distribution point. Pull-distribution point (Pull DP) determines how the computer obtains the content that you distribute to the distribution point.

In one of my blog post I have explained the SCCM pull distribution point settings. After you create a distribution point, configure it as a pull-distribution point by editing the role properties

About Pull Distribution Points

You can configure individual distribution points to be a pull distribution point. If you are asked to configure the pull distribution point, it’s actually very easy. However you need to know the advantages of Pull distribution point.

  • Pull-distribution points greatly help in reducing the load on Site Server. When you configure the pull distribution point, content transfer is faster because the content flows from the neighbor DP rather than site server.
  • If you have large content that needs to go to remote DP and the bandwidth between the site server and DP is very less, Pull DP is the solution.
  • There must be the SCCM client agent installed on the distribution point before you configure the pull DP.
  • You can’t configure a cloud distribution point as a pull-distribution point.
  • You can’t configure the distribution point role on a site server as a pull-distribution point.

Configure SCCM Pull Distribution Point

Here are the steps to Configure Pull Distribution Point.

  • Launch SCCM Console.
  • Navigate to Administration\Overview\Distribution Points.
  • Select the distribution point server and in the top ribbon select Properties.
  • Click Pull Distribution Point tab and check the box Enable this distribution point to pull content from other distribution points.
  • Now click the Add button and specify the DP from where the content must be pulled. Click OK.


After you configure the Pull DP, you may review the following log files for troubleshooting.

  • DataTransferService.log
  • PullDP.log


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