How to Enable Telnet using PowerShell on Windows 11

On your Windows 11 PC, you can enable Telnet using PowerShell. It is a single line command that you have to run in PowerShell to enable the Telnet client.

Telnet is a user command and an underlying TCP/IP protocol for accessing remote computers. When Telnet is enabled, an administrator or another user can access someone else’s computer remotely.

If you are a network administrator, I am sure you use telnet to access and control hardware like switches and access points remotely.

There are multiple ways to enable Telnet on your Windows computers. Some of them include:

  • Enable Telnet using Command Prompt
  • Install Telnet Client from control panel
  • Use PowerShell to enable Telnet Windows feature

PowerShell is the easiest method to enable Telnet because it requires running a single command on Windows 11 PC.

Telnet consists of two services – A Telnet Client and Telnet Server. A Telnet Client allows a computer to connect to a remote Telnet server and run applications on that server.

Telnet is included with several operating systems like Windows 11, Windows 10. However like it said before it is better to use SSH instead of telnet.

Enable Telnet using PowerShell on Windows 11

Let see the steps to enable Telnet using PowerShell:

  • Click Start and launch the PowerShell as administrator.
  • Run the command Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName TelnetClient
  • This command enables the Telnet client on your Windows computer.
Enable Telnet using PowerShell on Windows 11
Enable Telnet using PowerShell on Windows 11

After you enable Telnet client on Windows 11 PC, you don’t need to restart your computer.

To verify if the Telnet is enabled on Windows 11 computer, run the command Telnet

Enable Telnet using PowerShell on Windows 11
Enable Telnet using PowerShell on Windows 11


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