Download SCCM Power BI Solution Template

We all know that Microsoft provides you Power BI solution template for SCCM and you can download it for free. The solution template is scalable and allows you to customize lot of things. You can add information about your users and computers and refine data the way you want to.

The SCCM solution template provides detailed information of your Configuration Manager including client and server health, malware protection, software updates, and software inventory across your organization.

It been long time since I published the SCCM Power BI Dashboard Installation and Configuration post. However one common question that people ask is where can I download SCCM PowerBI solution template. Which are the SCCM PowerBI templates that I can download and import in SCCM ?.

I understand why people ask this question. That’s because initially the download link was working fine but then Microsoft pulled off the SCCM PowerBI template and took some time to update the new download link. When the new link was updated it wasn’t known to many people. I myself had to contact the PowerBI team on twitter to find out the download link.

Well, it’s all sorted now and you can download the Power BI solution templates from GitHub. The flow of the SCCM solution template is as follows.

  • Windows task scheduler pulls data from your SCCM database.
  • Next the task copies data into SQL Server.
  • Finally Power BI imports data from SQL server and displays pre-defined reports.

Download SCCM Power BI Solution Template

You can download the SCCM PowerBI solution template from the GitHub. Here is a direct link to download the solution templates.

If you are looking for complete path, then go to Microsoft Business Platform apps. Navigate to Source > Apps > Microsoft > Released > Microsoft-SCCMTemplate > Service > PowerBI

Within the PowerBI folder you will find two templates.

  • SCCMSolutionTemplate.pbix
  • SCCMSolutionTemplateAS.pbix

Download the templates and you can start working on it.

Download SCCM Power BI Solution Template
Download SCCM Power BI Solution Template


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