ConfigMgr Updates Deployment Error 0x80070070

During the ConfigMgr updates deployment, I encountered an error 0x80070070 on one of the computer. The error 0x80070070 was logged in updateshandler.log file and shown in Software Center as well.

I have been working on deploying updates to Windows 10 machines using Configuration Manager Automatic Deployment Rules. However on one of the computer the update failed to install with a weird error.

When I did some research about this error, I found many articles relating to Windows 10 Update Error 0x80070070. The solution was to clear the drive space to fix this error.

ConfigMgr Updates Error 0x80070070 – Update execution failed

So in the Software Center I noticed that the KB4532693 update installation failed. While this update installed on other machines, it was only this machine on which update install failed. The retry update installation also failed.

Software Updates Installation failed

Clicking the update and checking the update details showed the actual error. There was a problem applying changes to the software. Only error 0x80070070 can be seen under More Information.

SCCM Updates Error 0x80070070 Snap 2

On the client machine, I checked the UpdatesHandler.log file. I noticed the same error however there is no explanation as to why the error comes up. At last the update execution failed.

WSUS update (5f59add0-ba47-42c3-af2a-9aa334c053bb) installation result = 0x80070070, Reboot State = NoReboot UpdatesHandler
Update execution failed. UpdatesHandler
CDeploymentJob::InstallUpdatesInBatch - Resetting install flag to false as method is complete UpdatesHandler
SCCM Updates Error 0x80070070
SCCM Updates Error 0x80070070

While checking the software updates log files, I noticed that my C: drive space was full and it had only 769 MB of free space. I believe this is why the software update failed to install throwing the error 0x80070070.

So ensure that when you deploy Windows Updates, there is enough disk space on the client computer. I hope this post helps.

SCCM Updates Error 0x80070070 Snap4


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