ConfigMgr ADR Error 0X87D20417 – Software Updates

While deploying the ConfigMgr ADR you may encounter the error 0X87D20417. As as first step always examine the log files and then look for the relevant error code.

Automatic deployment rules in Configuration Manager have the ability to automatically approve updates and deploy them. If you don’t want to manually deploy software updates to your end machines, use ADR’s.

Creating ADR in SCCM is easy however you must be careful while creating the ADR. Since the updates will be automatically deployed to endpoints, ensure you create the ADR correctly.

If you are looking to create ADR from scratch, follow my guide on Creating Automatic Deployment Rules in SCCM.

ConfigMgr ADR Error 0X87D20417

Let’s assume the ConfigMgr ADR is failing with error code 0X87D20417.

Examine the PatchDownloader log. Check if the errors listed below resembles with your ones.

Contentsource = \\Site Server\Sources\Updates\EP_Definitions\AM_Delta_Patch_1.247.789.0.exe . Software Updates Patch Downloader
Contentsource = \\Site Server\Sources\Updates\EP_Definitions\WsusContent\9B\E8701A7BB144F9EC2D1C5193E2D6AA4AD3700C9B.exe . Software Updates Patch Downloader
Downloading content for ContentID = 16809086, FileName = AM_Delta_Patch_1.247.789.0.exe. Software Updates Patch Downloader
Download \\Site Server\Sources\Updates\EP_Definitions\AM_Delta_Patch_1.247.789.0.exe to C:\Windows\TEMP\CAB4B19.tmp returns 2
ERROR: DownloadContentFiles() failed with hr=0x80070003
Trying to connect to the root\SMS namespace on the SITE SERVER machine.
Connected to \\SITE SERVER\root\SMS
Download destination = \\Site Server\Sources\Updates\EP_Definitions\f75a657c-d3c5-4b0a-b070-e281addf608b.1\AM_Delta_Patch_1.247.793.0.exe
ERROR: DownloadContentFiles() failed with hr=0x80070003

If you are noticing the same errors in your setup, the solution is simple. You only need to delete the ADR and create a new ADR from scratch. Maybe you can disable the existing ADR and create a new one.

In addition, Automatic Deployment Rules don’t work when you use specific proxy authentication on a site server.

To create ADR, right click on Automatic Deployment Rules under Software Library > Software Updates and click Create Automatic Deployment Rule.


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