What’s new in SCCM Technical Preview 1908

Microsoft released SCCM Technical Preview 1908 this week. The tech preview 1908 includes several new features. You can install technical Preview 1908 via Updates and Servicing node of Configuration Manager console.

To install ConfigMgr technical preview 1908, you must first install baseline version of technical preview. The most recent tech preview baseline version is version 1907. You can download technical preview version 1907 from Microsoft Eval Center.

Technical preview builds are meant to install on non-production setup like your personal lab setup. By installing the tech preview version, you get access to several new features that Microsoft is working on. Some of these features will actually be seen in current branch releases.

After you install the technical preview 1908, click About Configuration Manager and verify the following.

  • Version 1908 for Technical Preview
  • Console version – 5.1910.1011.1000
  • Site version – 5.0.8860.1000
  • Client Agent version – 5.00.8860.1000

SCCM Technical Preview 1908 New Features

As I mentioned before, there are several new features introduced in SCCM technical preview 1908. You can read more about these features here.

Additional software update filter for ADRs

While creating ADR’s you can use Deployed as an update filter for your automatic deployment rules. This filter helps identify new updates that may need to be deployed to your pilot or test collections.

Console Connections Node

If you visit the console connections node in SCCM console, you will notice that the Last Console Heartbeat column replaces Last Connected Time. This is done with a purpose so that the administrators get more information to determine the console connections that are currently active.

Task sequence conditions

If you edit the task sequence, you can now copy and paste conditions in the task sequence editor. To do so you must first select a condition to cut or copy it.

Right click and then you can paste it with the following options :-

  • Paste before & Paste After.
  • Paste under (only applies to nested conditions).

Task Sequence Editor Search Improvements

The list of search options is now called as Scope. Use it to choose the areas of the task sequence editor to search. In addition to that you can now search on Group Name or Group Description. This is extremely useful when you want to quickly search within the task sequence.

Operating System Deployment Improvements

This is really a cool feature. You can configure the default keyboard layout for a boot image. That means you can specify a keyboard layout per boot image. If you want to use PowerShell to do this, you can make use of Set-CMBootImage cmdlet with a new parameter -InputLocale.

In SCCM task sequence, the Run Command Line step now includes an option to Output to task sequence variable.

Run a task sequence with High performance power plan.

Yes you can now Run a task sequence with the high performance power plan. This option appears under TS properties. You can improve the overall speed of a task sequence by enabling the option “Run as high performance power plan“.

If you want to try this – Go to Software Library > Operating Systems > Task Sequences. Right click Task Sequence and click Properties. Click Performance tab. Enable Run as high performance power plan.

sccm technical preview 1908

Phased Deployment Templates

The option to create deployment templates is not new. However it’s now possible to create and use phased deployment templates for software updates. Templates will save you time when configuring other phased deployments with similar settings.


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