SCCM 2103 Hotfix KB10036164 Released

Microsoft released SCCM 2103 hotfix KB10036164 and this hotfix rollup fixes many issues. In this post I will cover some important points about hotfix KB10036164.

First of all, the KB10036164 rollup update is applicable only for ConfigMgr version 2103. The hotfix KB10036164 is applicable for early adopters and customers who installed the globally available release.

The hotfix rollup KB10036164 for SCCM 2103 contains 2 previously released hotfixes included.

  • KB 9603111 – Update for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager version 2103, early update ring.
  • KB 9833643 – Console update for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager version 2103.

It’s been some time since the SCCM 2103 has been released and made generally available. There were few issues with this build however, Microsoft was quick in addressing the issues and releasing a hotfix.

If you have just upgraded to SCCM 2103, you may see total 3 hotfixes in the console. You can directly install hotfix rollup KB10036164 because it’s the latest update and includes the previous hotfixes.

After you install the hotfix rollup KB10036164, those old hotfixes will disappear and ConfigMgr 2103 console will show only the latest one.

I am not going to cover the hotfix installation because it’s pretty straight forward. You can refer my guide on installing ConfigMgr 2103 Hotfix Rollup KB10036164.

SCCM 2103 Hotfix KB10036164

You can install SCCM 2103 Hotfix KB10036164 with following steps.

  • Launch the ConfigMgr 2103 console.
  • Go to Administration > Overview > Updates and Servicing.
  • Right click Configuration Manager 2103 Hotfix Rollup KB10036164 and click Install Update Pack.
SCCM 2103 Hotfix KB10036164
SCCM 2103 Hotfix KB10036164

The update installation is quite simple but wait there is something I need to cover related to the installation. Some admins encountered an issue while installing the hotfix KB10036164. The updates wizard had a new option called Cloud attach. I believe the cloud attach settings were also displayed when previous 2103 hotfixes were installed.

If you have already enabled tenant attach in your SCCM setup, you will not see cloud attach settings during the hotfix installation.

But with hotfix rollup KB10036164, you will see the new cloud attach option if you haven’t enabled the cloud attach before. Is it mandatory to configure cloud attach to install hotfix KB10036164 ?. The answer is No, you can skip the cloud attach configuration.

On the cloud attach settings window, deselect Enable Microsoft Manager admin center and enable automatic client enrollment for co-management. You don’t need to click Sign-in because it requires a organizational account. In short, uncheck all the checkboxes and you can install the hotfix KB10036164.

SCCM 2103 Hotfix KB10036164 Cloud Attach Settings
SCCM 2103 Hotfix KB10036164 Cloud Attach Settings


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