Find SQL Server Reporting Services Product Key

Every time I download and install SQL Server reporting services, I realize that I have to enter a product key and at that moment I don’t have the key.

SQL Server Reporting Services is a server-based reporting platform that provides comprehensive reporting functionality. SQL Server 2017 and above do not include the reporting services, you must download and install it separately.

If you have setup Reporting Services earlier, you know that a key is required unless you want to set up in evaluation mode. The evaluation mode expires in 180 days. If you have installed SQL Server 2017, you can download reporting services here.

Under Choose an edition to install you see the below options.

  • Choose a free edition – Evaluation (180 days), Developer, Express.
  • Enter the product key.

Find SQL Server Reporting Services Product Key

When you install the SQL server, the product key is displayed on one of the initial setup screens. I never make a note of that key and install the SQL server. A SQL Server is a must when you install Configuration Manager. Because SQL server hosts your SCCM site database. I always think of saving this key later but I every time I miss it.

If you don’t make a note of the product key, you have to run the SQL server setup again and grab the product key. This is a painful task especially you don’t have any spare computer to run the SQL setup.

Find SQL Server Reporting Services Product Key

To find your SQL Server Reporting Services product key :-

  • Run the SQL Server setup as administrator.
  • On the SQL Server Installation Center, click Installation.
  • In the right pane, click New SQL Server standalone installation or add features to existing installation.
  • On the first screen you see the product key. Copy the key and save it to a file.
  • While setting up reporting services, enter the same product key.

Find SQL Server Reporting Services Product KeyI hope this post helps.


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