Best Way to Enable Automatic Client Upgrades in SCCM

This post will show you how to enable automatic client upgrades in SCCM. With this feature, you can ensure all your ConfigMgr clients are automatically updated to the latest version.

There are several ways to upgrade your Configuration Manager client agents in a hierarchy. Each of these methods has some advantages and disadvantages. Among all, the easiest method is the automatic client upgrade option under Hierarchy settings.

After you upgrade your Configuration Manager to the latest version, it usually requires upgrading the client agents to a newer version. Some new features require the client agents to be on the latest version while others don’t rely on agent versions. Check out how to configure SCCM client upgrade options to enable automatic client upgrades in SCCM.

Using the Automatic Client Upgrade method, automatically keep clients on your site at the latest version. In addition, it requires minimal administration. That’s because you enable it once under Hierarchy settings.

When you enable the client upgrade, you see a Scheduled Task with a random run interval. This will take care of upgrading all the client agents. However, clients don’t update at the same time and this method could cause performance issues. Note that this method can only be used to upgrade the client software and cannot be used to install a new client. By default, the client agents upgrade within 7 days. You may change it according to your requirements.

Enable Automatic Client Upgrades in SCCM

Use the below steps to enable Automatic Client Upgrades in your SCCM hierarchy:

  • Launch the Configuration Manager console.
  • Go to Administration\Overview\Site Configuration\Sites.
  • Select your Site and click Hierarchy Settings in the top ribbon.
  • Under the Hierarchy Settings properties window, select the Client Upgrade tab.
  • Enable the option Upgrade all clients in the hierarchy using production client and click OK.
Enable Automatic Client Upgrades in SCCM
Enable Automatic Client Upgrades in SCCM


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