Download SCCM Technical Preview 2206 Baseline for Free

In this post, I will share the steps to download SCCM technical preview 2206 baseline version. You can download the ConfigMgr technical preview 2206 from MECM2206TP-Baseline direct link.

As per Microsoft, the evaluation center will be available with 2203 baseline release, and this would be leveraged by slow ring customers. For version 2207, you have to use a dedicated link to download it.

Technical Preview releases are typically done once in a month and here is a history of all the SCCM technical preview build numbers and features.

This means if you visit the Microsoft Evaluation center and attempt to download the technical preview baseline version, you will get baseline version 2203 and not version 2207. Microsoft released the technical preview version 2207 and the next version TP 2208 will be released soon.

This Technical Preview 2206 includes support for Windows 11 with existing Configuration Manager features. In addition, it includes enhancements for operating system deployments, software update management, device management, and more.

Note: Do not install the technical preview versions in a production environment; they are only licensed for use in a lab setting. Microsoft may not provide support services and certain features may not be available in technical previews.

Download SCCM Technical Preview 2206 Baseline

For new installations, use the following link to download SCCM technical preview 2206: MECM2206TP-Baseline.

If you are setting up a new instance of technical preview in your lab, you can download the baseline version for SCCM Technical preview 2206. After you install ConfigMgr TP 2206, you can install the technical preview 2207 update from updates and servicing node of Configuration Manager console.

The new features and fixes in SCCM technical preview 2206 include:

  • Default Site Boundary Group now supports cloud source selection
  • New PowerShell Cmdlets

You can install technical preview for Configuration Manager, version 2206 with following steps:

  • Launch the Configuration Manager console.
  • Go to Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing node.
  • Right-click Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2206 and click Install Update Pack.

Follow the Configuration Manager updates wizard to install the update 2206. The final step should the console upgrade. Upgrade the console to the new version which is 5.2207.1031.1000.


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