ConfigMgr 2107 is Generally Available

As of today, 24th August 2021, ConfigMgr 2107 is generally available. This means the update 2107 will appear in console without requiring to run any opt-in script.

When Configuration Manager 2107 was first released, you had to run the early update ring script to get 2107 update in console. Now that SCCM 2107 is generally available, you can begin upgrading your sites to version 2107.

SCCM 2107 includes an incredible amount of new features and enhancements in the site infrastructure, content management, client management, co-management, application management, operating system deployment, software updates, reporting, and configuration manager console.

SCCM 2107 is not a baseline version. If you are installing a new SCCM site, Configuration Manager 2103 baseline version should be used. You can download it from Microsoft Evaluation Center. The minimum version required to install 2107 update is version 2002.

ConfigMgr 2107 is Generally Available

The announcement about general availability of Configuration Manager 2107 was first tweeted by David James.

As of today, #configmgr 2107 is finally available without having to opt in to the release. Thanks to the thousands of customers and many millions of devices that have already installed it! #memcm.

ConfigMgr 2107 is Generally Available
ConfigMgr 2107 is Generally Available

You can begin the upgrade of Configuration Manager site to version 2107. The ConfigMgr version 2107 is a stable version and Microsoft has fixed most of the bugs that were present in version 2103.

You can refer to the following post to get more information about SCCM 2107 upgrade.


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