CMTrace Log file Viewer Location for SCCM Logs

CMTrace is a log file viewer and one of the useful Configuration Manager tools. In this post I will show you the location of CMTrace, a SCCM log file viewer on a client machine.

CMTrace Log file viewer allows you to view and monitor log files. This includes the log files in Configuration Manager or Client Component Manager (CCM) format. And plain ASCII or Unicode text files, such as Windows Installer logs.

In addition, the tool helps to analyze log files by highlighting, filtering, and error lookup. This is the most important feature of this tool. If you want to view the SCCM log files, this tool is the best.

Prior to SCCM 1806, the CMTrace tool wasn’t copied over to client computer automatically. Hence one had to manually copy over this tool to client machines and use it. The tool can be still located in the \Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Tools folder.

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CMTrace Log file Viewer Location

Starting in ConfigMgr version 1806, the CMTrace log viewer tool is automatically installed along with the Configuration Manager client. The CMTrace log viewer tool  is present in client installation directory, which by default is %WinDir%\CCM\CMTrace.exe.

CMTrace Log file Viewer Location
CMTrace Log file Viewer Location

Most of us are not aware of this because even thought the tool is present on the computer, the tool doesn’t open SCCM log files by default. In other words, CMTrace isn’t automatically registered with Windows to open the .log file extension.

When you first launch the CMTrace log viewer tool, it asks do you want to make this program the default viewer for log files. If you click Yes, you can open the log files with this tool forever.